Monday, June 1, 2009

I love Midnight :)

hellloooooo xDD
for ur information , the time now is 4.10am ;)
when am i still here ?O_o
chatting with dai bob xDD
both of us use to chat during midnight ^^
We are midnight Lovers xDD

*continue chatting :D*

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Unknown :)

I am so fed up with my youngest brother =,.=
He Is So Annoying!! AHHHH!!!

Oh my god !! still got a lot actually ~
But I didn't record =.=
He will starts talking about his Classmates, teachers, activities, canteen uncles , canteen aunties, people's parents and a lot more !
Damn ! just feel like slapping him -,.-
then nowadays I will prepare my i-touch xDDD
feel so fun when he is talking but i cant hear what is he BULLSHITTING xDD
but yet he was talking HAPPILY LIKE AN IDIOT xDDDD
*evil Evelyn >o<*'

Our Arts :D
umph~ few days ago ~
Shanon, bob and I was Chatting through the msn and 3 of us were drawing nonsense xDDD
Ahh! Share our creation to u guys ^o^ * smiling proudly xDDD*

Shanon's Art :)
The Colour Ball :D
*Shanon was drawing Bob =) * *spot the left D.p and u will know why Shanon calls him Bola xDD*

The LALAS' Pose xDD

Y.lin's Mouth xDD
*bitchy has a Ducky Mouth :D*

Bob's Art :D

He was trying to says that he is as muscular as this art=.=
*God knows how SKINNY is him -,.-*

He loves to draw CHILDREN's Art to shows that he is Cute xDD
Another Retarded one >O< Pig? O_o
AHHHhahahah!! He was drawing how Y.Lin use to Pose xDD

For ur information, this is not a tortoise yea xD
It's Bob the Bola a.k.a Builder xDD

Evelyn's Art :D
The Muscular BOLA xDD
x))) Y.Lin's way of tiding her hair xDD
BOB the Builder!!
Whooopss!! Y.lin LOVES this POSE xDD

At Pyramid :)
HAHAH!! It was telling the guy what he wants to eat xDD
Whooopss~ Sven's new toy .
*LOL! Do u guys notice that he loves funny stuffs? -.-*

WooO!! retarded O_O


Long one :D

Cookies ? O_o
xDD Retard xDD
hahahah! it looks innocent right ?xDD
Staring at me ??O_O
He ends his life after playing by US for not even an hour :)

Uncles' way of having Tea =)
Bread with Milo ICE?! O_o

Elderly people's way of having tea time :)
SEE! He was eating non stop -.-

GOD! he noticed that I was taking his pictures=.=
HAHAH!! Sven was so stupid xDD
He thinks that he can hide away from my camera with hiding behind the cup xDD

Second Brother xDD
wahah! I knew he looks like BIRD xDDD
Another Skinny Guy -.-
wondering why those guys nowadays are as skinny as a girl ?!

Fine -.-
I admit he has a shape .

It Comes to THE END ^O^
Good night everyone :D
* I'm going out now ^^! with who?? xDD WITH MY DAD !!! *
*:P trust me xD?*

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Lifeless Creation x)

I edited all these through Ipod xDD
Go download Puri if u want to do this :)
let me show u my creation xDDD
*Proud of it xDD*

My favourite one ;)

whooppss~ ignore the wrong spelling xDD
spot the eggs xDD

Shanon The WOMAN !!!

Evelyn the ballet dancer x))))

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two more days to go :)

There is only 2 more days to go ^O^

Then My Mid-term ENDs!!!


Economy test :)

Me ;)

Today's test was Economy -.-
Lol~ so many things to memorize O_O
but I'm so clever :)
I just memorize Isi rumah ,pendapatan individu , Pemilihan pekerjaan and Chapter 1 :)
anyway~ I knew my Economy will definitely get C =.=
*or probably worse =.=*
Maybe I will get better results xDD
*dreaming @o@*
during exams, we can see different gangs :)
The Group Studying :)

The Loner way of studying :)
The Giving up Gangs :)

It's good to study :)
But when u over study~
U will be like him :)
VVVVVVVV *arrows showing down*

See~ the sight effect of over studying :)
Thanks god i am not like him xD
spot the opposite Art of him -.-
Is he studying with IT ?? O_o
Perhaps -.,-

Us :)
Before The paper Starts :)

Jer And I :)
Snapped by Jenni ;)
God -.-
Jenni suggested to act Ah Gua -.-
But then I felt we failed -.-

Both GANs :)
*whoops~ there's a CHOI behind xDD*

Jenni And I :)

Jenni looks so weird with her leg up -.-

acting retarded -.-
destroying my own image >.<

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sven With his new toy -.-

My brother-Sven has a New Toy!!!!
I don't know where he get from =_=
It is a stupid little frog~
the frog really looks very ugly >0<
but he seems to be very interested on it -_________________________-
Okay~ this is his new toy - froggy :)

Retarded him :)

He Fall when my mum Break.
But he quickly climb up when he saw my phone xD

Lol~ see! he was so happy when he was with his froggy -.-

He was playing with his froggy -.-

He was trying to show off -.-
He thought I want to snatch with him =.=

He was trying to remove his socks xDD

see~ he can't remove xDDD

See~ -_______-
Showing off again -.-

Showing Off again :S

He was playing :)

He angry already xDD
coz i keep disturb him x)))